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Tiktok NFT

At EthDenver 2020, I realized the NFT space is populated by crypto art, a subculture that is inaccessible by most. I also observed the many ingenious visual illusions demonstrated on TikTok. I concluded that it is necessary to grow the nascent web3 by bridging web2, specifically bringing people from where web2 is most crowded - the social networks. I presented the TikTok-NFT idea: where any TikTok video can be turned into an NFT with the video clip stored on IPFS. A very simple idea. Coding over midnight, I managed to learn from scratch everything about ERC-721, selected 3 interesting TikTok videos and minted proof-of-concept TikTok NFTs out of them on the Rinkeby testnet and put them on OpenSea:

From the outset, copyright issues were obvious: I created none of these videos, yet I can yank them from the TikTok app and create NFTs that point to their clones. Still, “web3” was so thirsty for attention that the response I got was along the line of “if this starts a war with ByteDance, it will only be good for the web3 ecosystem.” I believe this bridging phenomenon between web2 and web3 will happen soon.