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Notes on living

1 - I still find it hard to believe, from heart, that my life will end. I however have grasped the useful concept that my life is only on lease (see Kapil Gupta’s work). If only I could know the remaining time until my impending death. In this regard, I find taking walks in the cemetery useful.

2 - It has become increasingly obvious, and fascinating ever more so, that there is a chasm between knowledge and experience, yet their difference is so often obscured, such as by the ambiguity in conventional language patterns. The knowing of all physical and chemical properties of water lives in a completely different dimension from having drank water and experienced it; the former entertains the mind, while the latter quenches the thirst. In this regard, embarrassingly, a gargantuan portion of my life was focused on the attainment of knowledge. “The knowing of the head is for cocktail parties. The knowing in the heart is for transformation.” (Kapil Gupta) The latter comes from experience.